www.tea time with Junior

Ralph’s Pic of The Week  
  What it Is: NE’s most surf-stoked war vet has been blogging long before  
    the word “blog” was invented.   
  Tea: Chamomile -> Fresh, like the local water temps  
  Snack: Boston Clam Chowder -> When in Rome…  
  Music: “The Boss” – Born In The USA  
Post Surf      
  What it Is: Brilliant insight on the global surf industry, telling it like it is  
    with a loyal group of computer jockey commenters for added entertainment
  Tea: Blueberry Tea (Earl Grey Tea + Grand Marnier + Amaretto)
  Snack: Beef tartare -> Raw, just like Lewis S’s scrawls  
  Music: Velvet Underground – The Gift  
Ku Yah What it Is: The most (only?) relevant info on the NS scene.  
  Tea: Bubble tea with a warm splash of imported Screech  
  Snack: Steak & Eggs at The Mic Mac  
  Music: Classified – The Maritimes  
Swaylocks What it Is: Haven for shapers and aspiring shapers. 
  Tea: Fresh Coca Leaf Tea with Ritalin on the side…Focus
  Snack: Foam dust  
  Music: JJ Cale – Tijuana  
Stab Mag What it Is: In their words…If you want shallow journalism and
    gratuitous nudity you’ve come to the right portal you creep.  
  Tea: English Breakfast Tea  
  Snack: Meat pie  
  Music: AC/DC – Jailbreak  

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