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www.tea time with Junior

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Ralph’s Pic of The Week  
  What it Is: NE’s most surf-stoked war vet has been blogging long before  
    the word “blog” was invented.   
  Tea: Chamomile -> Fresh, like the local water temps  
  Snack: Boston Clam Chowder -> When in Rome…  
  Music: “The Boss” – Born In The USA  
Post Surf      
  What it Is: Brilliant insight on the global surf industry, telling it like it is  
    with a loyal group of computer jockey commenters for added entertainment
  Tea: Blueberry Tea (Earl Grey Tea + Grand Marnier + Amaretto)
  Snack: Beef tartare -> Raw, just like Lewis S’s scrawls  
  Music: Velvet Underground – The Gift  
Ku Yah What it Is: The most (only?) relevant info on the NS scene.  
  Tea: Bubble tea with a warm splash of imported Screech  
  Snack: Steak & Eggs at The Mic Mac  
  Music: Classified – The Maritimes  
Swaylocks What it Is: Haven for shapers and aspiring shapers. 
  Tea: Fresh Coca Leaf Tea with Ritalin on the side…Focus
  Snack: Foam dust  
  Music: JJ Cale – Tijuana  
Stab Mag What it Is: In their words…If you want shallow journalism and
    gratuitous nudity you’ve come to the right portal you creep.  
  Tea: English Breakfast Tea  
  Snack: Meat pie  
  Music: AC/DC – Jailbreak  

Dani At The Blocs

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6 to 7 at 67

Out The Country

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Gliding in rollerblade territory

The Magic 8 Ball

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In spite of previous year predications and analysis for river levels, we feel it is important to throw our own lawn dart out there, with the help from the good people at the Great Lakes Information Network and a prediction that might prove completely fruitless or incredibly accurate.

Here is what the engineers think.

What does it all mean?

Don`t really know, but the main wave at habitat potentially might be breaking nicely around July 12, 2009.

We`ll see.

Wack Attack

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Fools Gold

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Blue Light Special

Someone Got On That